Federal Carbon Tax strikes the pocketbooks of New Brunswickers at the pumps April 1

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By Pierre Little




Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer spent the day in St. George, N.B. on the opening day of the Trudeau Government Carbon Tax.  Standing alongside Mr. Scheer was Premier Blaine Higgs who has been an outspoken opponent of any new taxes that might impact citizens of our small economically struggling province.

Scheer responded to Trudeau’s argument that Canadians will receive rebates on their tax returns according to CBC he said, “rebates don't take into account secondary costs, such as higher prices for food and goods that have to be shipped, or heating.”

According to CBC, Premier Blaine Higgs said: “his Progressive Conservative government does have a carbon plan but was told by Ottawa that it was too late to submit it.” Higgs said “the province's plan doesn't include a price at the pump either.”

Commenting on the action by other provinces who lowered their gas tax to compensate for the coming increase Higgs said according to CBC "That says what a farce that the whole program is." “He said “New Brunswick will continue to fight the carbon tax in court with Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.”

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