Premier Gallant met with Ontario premier

TORONTO (GNB) - ‎Premier Brian Gallant met today with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to discuss issues of infrastructure renewal, addressing the fiscal imbalance and the need for an energy strategy.

"We had a great meeting,” said Gallant. “We discussed and agreed on the need for infrastructure renewal in both our provinces and across Canada as a whole.”

The premiers also discussed the fiscal imbalance between the federal government and the provinces and the need for the federal government to play a larger role when it comes to funding for healthcare.

They also discussed the need for a Canadian energy strategy and Gallant reinforced the importance of the proposed Energy East pipeline project.

“This is an important national project and we had an excellent discussion about the opportunities it can provide to regions of this country, including Ontario and Quebec,” said Gallant.

The premiers also agreed to work on more ways to co-operate, find efficiencies and identify cost-saving measures.

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